Social Media for Dentists

RBD understands that successful Dental practices are built on relationships and community. In today’s consumer market, Social Media is an essential tool for communicating this message.

Based on a high demand, we are proud to announce a new division dedicated to Social Media training for the Dental community.

RBD has coached and trained many Dental clients and small businesses on the importance of incorporating Social Media and technology into their overall marketing strategies, while balancing their practice culture with an online presence.

Our Team of Trainers and Coaches have over 20 years combined experience in starting businesses, Web Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, Relationship Marketing and Business Coaching.

Our platform of Continuous Education is designed to teach our Dental clients how Social Media Marketing can impact practice growth in today’s technology driven consumer market.

Our goal is to educate and arm the decision makers with the knowledge to make smart and cost-effective choices when determining their Social Media presence and marketing strategies.

A successful Dental practice understands the importance of relationships and community. RBD can help communicate this message by helping navigate today’s technology and Social Media frenzy.

In addition to in person training, RBD will provide insightful information and help through blog postings. Our goal is to help dental practices weave their way through social media to make decisions on how they can best utilize social media for social marketing. If you have something to add, feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. As always, we welcome your input and value our relationship with you.

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