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Google recently brought about many changes in the way rich snippets are treated in search results. It played a major role in reducing the importance of video snippets in search results, limiting them to sites that were based solely on video, such as YouTube. What are the reasons behind this move and how it will affect your SEO efforts?
• Prevent Spamming – Video snippets were quite easy to spam. Anyone who could implement the proper markup could get video results for their pages. Google saw that this was affecting user experience and thus it made all the sense to limit the search results to websites and web pages where video was the core offering. In the past, it was possible to video snippets on pages where there weren’t any videos at all!
• Video Results on Mobile Devices – Another reason for bringing this change is that video results weren’t rendering properly on mobile devices. Google cannot ignore the massive growth that mobile search is undergoing, and the step could help improve the search user experience.
• Increase Importance of YouTube – This development will send more web traffic to YouTube (owned by Google), and encourage more businesses to post videos on the video sharing site. Eventually, the site could sell more ads.
• Encourage Tabbed Search Features – Rich snippets could still help you rank in Google’s videos tab. Thus removing much of the video results from the universal search will encourage people to use the tabbed search features on Google.
Impact of the Change

YouTube Video SEO Services
How does the change affect your online marketing strategy? Google has actually made YouTube the route for most businesses to get a video snippet ranking on searches. But it has also made it important that the snippet be pointing to their YouTube video and not to their own website / web pages. At the end of the day Google seems to have white listed all YouTube videos and removed snippets from many other sites.
Overall, this has significantly increased the importance of YouTube as a marketing medium in the SEO domain. Combined with domain diversity in search engine results pages, YouTube now provides you an easier way to get your content ranking for more competitive keywords. Eventually, this has made the video sharing site one of the most powerful SEO tools and something you cannot afford to ignore.
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